Hand Product Created from Wool Grease

Wool Grease & Noils

Nothing goes to waste. Both of our processing facilities can supply by-products from the processing of their wools.

A natural by-product of the scouring process found at both our manufacturing facilities is wool grease which is extracted from the waste water. Wool grease is internationally recognised as a very versatile compound that can be refined into many diverse products. The wool grease that is produced by Standard Wool (Chile) is described as having “good colour”, a quality that is needed to be refined into LANOLIN, which will then be used in moisturising cosmetics (emollients).

Grease recovered from the type of wools processed in the UK by Thomas Chadwick & Sons is a different quality. This grease is described as “technical grade”, but is just as versatile and can be refined into a multitude of products such as animal feed supplements, leather-treatment and anti-corrosion products, as well as an eco-friendly base for animal branding fluids.

As a result of the combing process in Chile and Italy, Noil is extracted from the fleece wool. The Noil product is a core component in the manufacture of many woollen cloths, providing a high-quality feel to the finished product.

Wool grease is internationally recognised as a very versatile compound.

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